Sunday, September 27, 2015

Divergent as Told By a Fan to Someone Who Hasn't Read It

I have decided to give all Divergent fans a treat of the most excellent sort. 

Anna, our very own Anna, is not in the fandom. So, obviously, I decided to bestow her with an explanation of the series...and things escalated from there. The funniest part? She didn't know what I was doing. I give thee a tale in screenshots. 

It started out simply. 

Very simply. A few references, yada yada.

A couple of Dauntless wishes.

A tad of Tris feels.

A couple more references.

Then I got a bit crazed.

In essence, I became Tris.

Anna began to get worried.

Then a lightbulb occurred.


Then, sarcasm.

While I become suitable for a mental institution.

And then, just as I was reaching the good part...abrupt end. I wept aloud.

Because fangirling is my joy.

{Dance Out the Feels does not own Divergent, just the screenshots and comments.}