Wednesday, September 23, 2015

In Which I Advertise

Hello readers! I would like to start this off by apologizing profusely for the gap in posting. Both Anna and I have been busy lately and are so sorry we haven't been able to post!

On a cheerier note, both of us have gotten fanfiction accounts, which is my main reason for this post. Yes, that's right, I don't have any real fandom content for you today, unless you count the links I'm about to put on here. I guess that's fandom content. Anyways.

My page is erinblake18 I have 9 stories up. Anna's is AnnaLiseCompass and she has 1 story. *glares at Anna and tries to psychically communicate that she needs more*

Check us out. We love reviews, we love critiques, we love random comments about how much you liked/didn't like it.

And on a final note, *dun dun duuun* if you're in the Hawaii Five-O fandom (original series) and write for it, (or don't write for it :P) check out this forum. It's called Hawaii Five-O Writers unite and the two girls who run it are super sweet. This is an uber-small fandom and anyone who loves it needs to get connected. So on the off-chance that you watch H5O and love it I am cordially inviting you to join us in our crazy fangirl conversations. *advertisement over*