Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Fanart of the Month

Hey Everyone! This month's fanart list falls to me to put together, and I have done my utmost. As you will find, I love pencil drawings and pen-and-ink work, though colorful stuff is also appreciated. So, without further ado, here's some fanart! 

Narnia by masiani. This lovely work perfectly portrays the essence of Narnia as Lucy found it. Look at that detail; the shading, the slight wispy-ness of the lines. Beautiful.

Young Aragorn by ilxwing. This next piece is a beautiful work portraying Aragorn (or Estel, as he would have been called) as a young boy in Elrond's house. I LOVE this piece. The lines are so simple and clean.

Tears For the Fallen by phantomphreaq. This one is a gorgeous and poignant rendition of the moment Eómer finds Eówen on the battlefield. All my feels are coming back...:'(

This piece of Bucky (as the Winter Soldier) is another sad one. I love the detail and feeling in this drawing. I could not find the artist for this one, so if anyone knows who it is please tell me so I can credit them!

Rabadash by surburbanbeatnik. For anyone who's read The Horse and His Boy, here is a lovely picture of bratty Prince Rabadash. If not, here's a picture of bratty Prince Rabadash anyway.

 Portrait of Prim by joanap. Prim! This is beautiful and another sad one. I just finished reading Mockingjay, so it's bringing back all my feels. So, to change the subject, I would like to point out the perfect shading and the perfect emotions reflected in her eyes. Oh, the pain. 

Don't Blink by Lehanan. Anna's technically the Doctor Who person over here, but I couldn't help posting this. Look at that work! It's giving me chills.

 Look. They're being friends and confidants just like they should be. Just having a nice, untroubled-by-magical-creatures-and-evil-half-sisters conversation. *goes off and cries* This one is also uncredited, unfortunately.

Beatrice Prior by ansimeone. Tris, shown here in the clothes she wore while a refuge in Amity, is much more like I imagined her when I read the books than the movie version. Don't get me wrong. Shailene Woodly did a great job. But I imagined Tris more like this.

Icy Blood by jen-and-kris. Look at the vivid color is this one! The fear in his eyes and the different painting style in this are gorgeous. Poor Loki, back when he was innocent and hurting. :(

What did you guys think? Leave a comment and tell us!


[Dance Out The Feels does not claim ownership to, the artists, or the art itself. We're just two girls having fun with our fandoms.]