Our Mission

Hey, and welcome to the official website of the Fandom Dancers Association of East Texas! If you are a fangirl or fanboy of almost any fandom, you are welcome here. We come before you with our humble offerings of amazing and clean fandom content.

Our mission is simple:
(1) to unite fandoms across East Texas
(2) to keep it clean and everyone-friendly
and (3) to dance.

Dance, you say?

Glad you asked.

We, the founders of this, the FDAET, love to dance. Swing, Waltz, Cupid Shuffle...you name it. We want to bring young people with similar interests around East Texas together so that we can meet new people, thrill over the delight of others understanding our obscure references, and enjoy each other's company in ways everyone can enjoy (such as dancing).

If you like to dance, and/or are in a fandom, please; take a look around. We offer a wide variety of fandom-related amenities. Fanfiction, reviews, headcanons, and forums are just the beginning. Enjoy yourself, and remember to leave your mark in the guestbook!