Sunday, September 27, 2015

Divergent as Told By a Fan to Someone Who Hasn't Read It

I have decided to give all Divergent fans a treat of the most excellent sort. 

Anna, our very own Anna, is not in the fandom. So, obviously, I decided to bestow her with an explanation of the series...and things escalated from there. The funniest part? She didn't know what I was doing. I give thee a tale in screenshots. 

It started out simply. 

Very simply. A few references, yada yada.

A couple of Dauntless wishes.

A tad of Tris feels.

A couple more references.

Then I got a bit crazed.

In essence, I became Tris.

Anna began to get worried.

Then a lightbulb occurred.


Then, sarcasm.

While I become suitable for a mental institution.

And then, just as I was reaching the good part...abrupt end. I wept aloud.

Because fangirling is my joy.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

10 Things Only Fanpeople Experience

Hey everyone!! Anna here. As I am sure, you know, fanpeople have a lot of...unique experiences, which deserve recognition. Today we will recognize them and illustrate them in gifs, just in case there's non fan people reading this.

1. When people say 'it's just a book.'

2. When you make a fandom reference, and no one gets it.

3. Not caring and making references anyway.

4. When you get together with your fandom friends and try to be dramatic.

5. When there's a MAJOR plot twist.

6. When you figure out you need friends.

7. .....and realizing you don't care.

8. When your OTP falls apart.

9. Finally meeting someone in your fandom.

10. When someone ships your OTP with other people.

Being a fangirl/fanguy is definitely an experience. But we love it all the same.
What do you think of this post? Like it? Hate it? Let us know in the comments!

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In Which I Advertise

Hello readers! I would like to start this off by apologizing profusely for the gap in posting. Both Anna and I have been busy lately and are so sorry we haven't been able to post!

On a cheerier note, both of us have gotten fanfiction accounts, which is my main reason for this post. Yes, that's right, I don't have any real fandom content for you today, unless you count the links I'm about to put on here. I guess that's fandom content. Anyways.

My page is erinblake18 I have 9 stories up. Anna's is AnnaLiseCompass and she has 1 story. *glares at Anna and tries to psychically communicate that she needs more*

Check us out. We love reviews, we love critiques, we love random comments about how much you liked/didn't like it.

And on a final note, *dun dun duuun* if you're in the Hawaii Five-O fandom (original series) and write for it, (or don't write for it :P) check out this forum. It's called Hawaii Five-O Writers unite and the two girls who run it are super sweet. This is an uber-small fandom and anyone who loves it needs to get connected. So on the off-chance that you watch H5O and love it I am cordially inviting you to join us in our crazy fangirl conversations. *advertisement over*


Monday, September 21, 2015

10 Subtle (And Not So Subtle) Items to Add to Your Fandom Home

Good day, loyal fangirls and fanboys! Today I bring you ten ways to decorate your home and/or bedroom without looking totally tacky. You know, so you don't turn into that person that's so obsessed that all you see anywhere at any time are print-outs of memes all over the walls. Let's show the world that we can be fans and show it proudly while still being taken seriously.

First up, some beautiful Doctor Who stepping stones that would be mistaken for abstract awesomeness by anyone not in the fandom:
Turn your garden in a wibbly-wobbly Gallifreyen epic. DIY instructions available here.

#2. This Iron Man themed throw pillow is cool and classic with clean lines. It's no longer available, but with some observation you could probably DIY it. 

#3. This coffee mug is slightly playful and easily recognizable for what it is: a perfect reference to an amazing book. Now longer available at the Etsy shop it came from, but again, this would be an easy DIY. 

#4. Another nod to the Hunger Games, give your kitchen some District 12 flair with this hand towel from Peeta's family bakery. 

Get it here.

#5. This excerpt from the Dauntless Manifesto reminds us what bravery really is, and looks great on any wall. 

Get it here.

#6. This one is so subtle even a few die-hard fans would miss it. A gold or silver apple from the garden in the Far North of Narnia will clearly show how much you want to see Aslan's country. 

Spray paint some fake apples (or real ones for a more temporary display) for this super-easy decoration. 

 #7. Think Mordor was hot? The fires forged in this ring will be even hotter.

Get it here.

#8. The most un-subtle item of all, it is also the most epic. What person in their right mind would not jump at the chance to get a Han-Solo-encased-in-carbonite fridge?  Unfortunately, I could not find out where to get this, but trust me, when I do, it's being posted.

#9. Get that Rivendell feel with these beautiful chairs designed by John Makepeace. They're probably really expensive, but oh, the inspiration. 

#10. Lastly but not leastly (is that a word?), show your support for Camelot with these Pendragon crest pillows. Merlin would be proud.

 Get them here.

What do you think? Are you suddenly wishing you had a house to decorate?


[Dance Out The Feels does not claim ownership to these products or the fandoms they represent.]

Sunday, September 20, 2015

9 Headcanons That Are Spot On

Hey! Anna here. Today I have some epic headcanons to share with you. There's a ton of headcanon out there, but I love these. They're feelsy, humorous, and adorable. I hope you like them as much as I do!

1. Rise of the Guardians/How To Train Your Dragon crossover.
*gasp* Isn't that sad?? But I can completely imagine this happening.

2. The Doctor and His Companions

So, maybe it doesn't fit it with the canon. But isn't it beautiful?

4. Cactus Juice....
Ahahahaha. It would be just like Sokka....

5. Texts from Arthur
Oh, Arthur.

6. Disney Magic

That actually kinda makes sense. It would fit in with the whole Rapzunel-is-their-cousin theory.

7. S.H.I.E.L.D Survival Tips
I can see this being an unofficial magazine that the agents smuggle around to each other.

8. Another Tip

This was too adorable to not put on this list.

9. Spider-Phobia
Haha, the Hermes cabin strikes again.

Okay, that's all but I have a little bonus fanart for you guys...
Leading me to say that the Everlark ship should be called Toast. As the Pinterest caption states: The Girl on Fire + The Boy With The Bread = Toast. It works, doesn't it?

That's all for today. Leave a comment and let us know what you think!! Thanks everyone!

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Moments Links

Hello everyone!

This post is for anyone who likes fanfiction and music. Over on I have a series of Merlin drabbles based on the music I listen to, a drabble a song. It's called Moments, and I would be honored if you checked it out.

And as an addition to my story, I'm creating a playlist on Spotify of all the songs I use in the series. So if you like the series but haven't heard the songs I use, just go here. I'll be updating the playlist every time I update the story, so everything will be caught up.

Thanks for your support and may the odds be ever in your favor!

(Sorry, I just had to say that.)



Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fandom Apparel for Under $25 (and how to wear it)

Hello world!! Today, I am bringing to you some inexpensive fandom apparel to incorporate into your wardrobe. As you might have experienced, you may really love a tshirt or set of fandom earrings, but find it hard to wear without looking cheesy.
Well, stress no more! I've brought you a few sets to draw inspiration from so you can show off your fandom but stay classy.
Each item in the different outfits are $25 or under so you don't have to break your budget! Yay for saving money!
Let's get started.

#1. Doctor Who T-Shirt
Doctor Who

Distressed jeans

Platform shoes

XOXO analog watch

Halogen fringed shawl

Retro sunglasses

Ripple Junction Doctor Who Van Gogh Pandoric Juniors T-Shirt

This outfit brings warm tones to the dark shirt and has a casual but classy vibe.

#2. Disney's Mickey Mouse

Vince Camuto gold boots

Lucky Brand gold tone ring

A bit of gold and a good pair of boots make everything better.

3. Percy Jackson


Orange t shirt

Ballet flat

Lulu s buckle belt

Dress up any tee with a blazer and belt.

4. Marvel



Wet Seal woven shoes

Topshop jewelry

Charlotte Russe hinged bracelet

(imho the shorts are too short) Bling up a summer outfit with some jewelry.

5. Lord of the Rings

T shirt

Flare skirt


Susan Shaw knot earrings

Bohemian hat

Adjustable belt

Aviator style sunglasses

Bring a little boho to your wardrobe with some earth tones and a floppy hat.

Well, those are my picks! Hope you enjoyed them. To any fanguys following our blog, I apologize for my lack of ability to pick out male clothes.
What do you think? Do you think my sense of fashion is wacko or right on? Were you inspired to incoporate your fandom into your clothing? Let us know in the comments! ~Anna

[Dance Out The Feels does not claim any ownership to these franchises or items]