Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Anna's Fanfics of the Month

Hello, all! I apologize for the lack of posting recently. As you probably know, things have been getting a lot busier these days.
Today, I, Anna, will be bringing you my top ten fanfics. 
I'm not a huge fanfic person, but I really enjoyed these stories and they are worth the mention. This list includes crossovers and poetry.
So, without further ado, I present to you my list, in no order. Hope you enjoy!

1. King Edmund The Matchmaker? - A Narnia fic, this one is a humorous, clean read. While the characters' personalities are not exact, it's still a great fic.
2. The Age of Dragons - A crossover of Merlin and How To Train Your Dragon. I haven't completed it yet, but so far I enjoy it, and it's actually a believable crossover.
3. The Dark Between the Stars - this Star Wars oneshot reflects on one of the characters in the upcoming film. It was very well done.
4. Clash of the Ancients - A Percy Jackson/Merlin crossover! Sounds epic, right? Well, so far we only have one chapter, but I'm hoping it will be continued soon. Great writing.
5. A Pair of Protectors - A Merlin/The Squire's Tale crossover. This oneshot is very believable and was well done.
6. The Beginnings of a Bad Joke - This was intended to be a full-length Merlin/The Squire's Tale crossover, but so far it isn't finished. I still found it to be very good, though.
7. Home - Written by our very own Erin, this oneshot is beautiful and fits perfectly with the Narnia series.
8. The Phantom's Opera - Collected drabbles from the Phantom of The Opera fandom.
9. Poems of the Barricade - A collection of beautiful Les Mis poetry.
10. Little Do You Know - A Les Mis poem. Usually I don't like non-ryhming poetry, but this was done very well.
Well, there you have it! A few of my favorite fan works. Comment below some of yours and tell us what you think. 
Thanks for reading, and be watching for Erin's fanart list soon!

[Dance Out The Feels does not claim ownership to fanfiction.net, the characters in the stories, or the stories themselves. We're just two girls having fun with our fandoms.]