Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fandom Apparel for Under $25 (and how to wear it)

Hello world!! Today, I am bringing to you some inexpensive fandom apparel to incorporate into your wardrobe. As you might have experienced, you may really love a tshirt or set of fandom earrings, but find it hard to wear without looking cheesy.
Well, stress no more! I've brought you a few sets to draw inspiration from so you can show off your fandom but stay classy.
Each item in the different outfits are $25 or under so you don't have to break your budget! Yay for saving money!
Let's get started.

#1. Doctor Who T-Shirt
Doctor Who

Distressed jeans

Platform shoes

XOXO analog watch

Halogen fringed shawl

Retro sunglasses

Ripple Junction Doctor Who Van Gogh Pandoric Juniors T-Shirt

This outfit brings warm tones to the dark shirt and has a casual but classy vibe.

#2. Disney's Mickey Mouse

Vince Camuto gold boots

Lucky Brand gold tone ring

A bit of gold and a good pair of boots make everything better.

3. Percy Jackson


Orange t shirt

Ballet flat

Lulu s buckle belt

Dress up any tee with a blazer and belt.

4. Marvel



Wet Seal woven shoes

Topshop jewelry

Charlotte Russe hinged bracelet

(imho the shorts are too short) Bling up a summer outfit with some jewelry.

5. Lord of the Rings

T shirt

Flare skirt


Susan Shaw knot earrings

Bohemian hat

Adjustable belt

Aviator style sunglasses

Bring a little boho to your wardrobe with some earth tones and a floppy hat.

Well, those are my picks! Hope you enjoyed them. To any fanguys following our blog, I apologize for my lack of ability to pick out male clothes.
What do you think? Do you think my sense of fashion is wacko or right on? Were you inspired to incoporate your fandom into your clothing? Let us know in the comments! ~Anna

[Dance Out The Feels does not claim any ownership to these franchises or items]