Monday, September 21, 2015

10 Subtle (And Not So Subtle) Items to Add to Your Fandom Home

Good day, loyal fangirls and fanboys! Today I bring you ten ways to decorate your home and/or bedroom without looking totally tacky. You know, so you don't turn into that person that's so obsessed that all you see anywhere at any time are print-outs of memes all over the walls. Let's show the world that we can be fans and show it proudly while still being taken seriously.

First up, some beautiful Doctor Who stepping stones that would be mistaken for abstract awesomeness by anyone not in the fandom:
Turn your garden in a wibbly-wobbly Gallifreyen epic. DIY instructions available here.

#2. This Iron Man themed throw pillow is cool and classic with clean lines. It's no longer available, but with some observation you could probably DIY it. 

#3. This coffee mug is slightly playful and easily recognizable for what it is: a perfect reference to an amazing book. Now longer available at the Etsy shop it came from, but again, this would be an easy DIY. 

#4. Another nod to the Hunger Games, give your kitchen some District 12 flair with this hand towel from Peeta's family bakery. 

Get it here.

#5. This excerpt from the Dauntless Manifesto reminds us what bravery really is, and looks great on any wall. 

Get it here.

#6. This one is so subtle even a few die-hard fans would miss it. A gold or silver apple from the garden in the Far North of Narnia will clearly show how much you want to see Aslan's country. 

Spray paint some fake apples (or real ones for a more temporary display) for this super-easy decoration. 

 #7. Think Mordor was hot? The fires forged in this ring will be even hotter.

Get it here.

#8. The most un-subtle item of all, it is also the most epic. What person in their right mind would not jump at the chance to get a Han-Solo-encased-in-carbonite fridge?  Unfortunately, I could not find out where to get this, but trust me, when I do, it's being posted.

#9. Get that Rivendell feel with these beautiful chairs designed by John Makepeace. They're probably really expensive, but oh, the inspiration. 

#10. Lastly but not leastly (is that a word?), show your support for Camelot with these Pendragon crest pillows. Merlin would be proud.

 Get them here.

What do you think? Are you suddenly wishing you had a house to decorate?


[Dance Out The Feels does not claim ownership to these products or the fandoms they represent.]