Sunday, October 4, 2015

October's Fanart

Hey everyone!! I apologize for the lull in posts lately. That was my (Anna) fault, but hopefully you can forgive me.
Today, I am bringing you some fresh fanart for October. I hope you enjoy!!

1. Kings of Narnia by Achen089 (from Narnia)

2. Star Wars Characters by Christian Waggoner (from Star Wars)

3. Percy and Annabeth by Andythelemon (from Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

4. Eowyn vs. Nazgul by Oliverojm (from the Lord of the Rings)

5. I Won't Say... by Enveniya (from Hercules)

6. Merlin by Clurbur02 (from BBC Merlin)

7. Clara Oswald by Margaw (from Doctor Who)
8. Avengers (Sketch) by Mick347 (from the Avengers)

9. The Hunger Games by Liasailor (from the Hunger Games)

10. Aang & Appa by Bryankonietzko (from Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Well, there they are!! I hope you liked them. I tried to add more sketches this time but I find myself drawn to paint and watercolor.....what about you? Which piece is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! Thanks everyone!

[Dance Out The Feels does not claim ownership to these artwork pieces or fandoms. They also  have not screened and do not endorse these artists or accounts.]