Wednesday, September 23, 2015

10 Things Only Fanpeople Experience

Hey everyone!! Anna here. As I am sure, you know, fanpeople have a lot of...unique experiences, which deserve recognition. Today we will recognize them and illustrate them in gifs, just in case there's non fan people reading this.

1. When people say 'it's just a book.'

2. When you make a fandom reference, and no one gets it.

3. Not caring and making references anyway.

4. When you get together with your fandom friends and try to be dramatic.

5. When there's a MAJOR plot twist.

6. When you figure out you need friends.

7. .....and realizing you don't care.

8. When your OTP falls apart.

9. Finally meeting someone in your fandom.

10. When someone ships your OTP with other people.

Being a fangirl/fanguy is definitely an experience. But we love it all the same.
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