Saturday, August 29, 2015

Some Disney Cosplay to Brighten Your Day

Hey people, Erin here. As a special treat, I have collected ten Disney cosplays to shower upon you. Three posts in three days, aren't you proud of us? :D

We'll begin this magical collection with this lovely cosplay of Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame: 
Isn't that absolutely beautiful? Look at it. The lighting and pose in the picture are amazing.

Next, a lovely work of art portraying Mulan, from the movie bearing her name:
She has always been one of my favorite princesses and LOOK. The simplicity and character in this is just gorgeous.

Thirdly, we have a playful bit featuring a surly Peter and indignant Wendy from Peter Pan: 
Because who needs mothers anyway? Look at that guy's expression, he totally has Peter down to a T.

Next we have yet another Mulan cosplay (I told you she was my favorite):
Isn't that beautiful? She was so lovely as a bride, even though it wasn't her time yet. *sighs*

Fifthly, we have for you a perfectly done Hades from Hercules: 
Can we just talk about how this guy has the smirk down perfectly? And how annoying it must have been to get all that body makeup on? And the smirk I know I'm going on about it but the SMIRK

Neeeext...we have a nice, curious Tink over here. I don't like Tink but hey, it's a good cosplay.
I like her eye makeup. And I wonder how they made the wings.

Seventhly, I present Aurora and Philip from Sleeping Beauty: 
That was my favorite dress she wore. And look they did the weird curl thing in her hair and it somehow looks good. Score.

Next we have Lilo and Stitch from the movie also by that name.
Just because Lilo is adorable in the movie and in this cosplay.

Next, we have our favorite long-to-short-transformation gal, Rapunzel. From Tangled. Ya know.
That girl is so pretty, even though that isn't what I'd imagined Rapunzel to look like in RL. But still. Pretty overall.

And now, for our final presentation...I give thee...

Yep. Tulio and Miguel from The Road to El Dorado. 
I haven't even seen this movie and I love these guys. Seriously. Can't you just see the lovableness in their faces? They look like they'd be fun to be around. Like Flynn Rider. Anyway.

What did y'all think? Did all this Disney stuff make you happy, or did you have to go puke because of childishness? Am I terrible at writing posts or do my teeny-tiny rants amuse you? Drop a comment and make Anna happy. And me. That would make me happy as well.