Sunday, August 9, 2015

Five Marvel Cosplays to Marvel At

Hey everyone! Today I humbly bring before you some of the best Marvel Universe cosplays I could find. As I'm a rather picky person--I know what you're thinking: there's no way I could ever be picky. Well, I prove thee wrong--anyway, I think these are marvelous and very detailed and lovely and just awesome. Rant over. On with the cosplays!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Cap here. Look at that amazing detail. LOOK AT IT. DO YOU SEE IT? IT'S BEAUTIFUL. 

 This, my friends, is Heimdall. Do I have to mention that I love Heimdall? Just look at this. It's amazing. Points for the pose.

 Annnd Loki. Look at him, all sad and puppy-faced and scheming. And look at the detail they put into his outfit. What a lot of painful work that must have been.

Not a fan of Stark. But you have to admit this is brilliant. And well-done. 

Now, what post on Marvel cosplay would be complete without a cute kid cosplaying as Phil? I mean, look at him. Hasn't your heart broken and melted? Are you not curled up in a corner crying with feels and cuteness? Oh my gosh. This is my favorite cosplay ever in the history of me looking at cosplays. I cannot stress how much I love this cosplay. 

Okay, second rant over. 

How do you like them? Please comment with your thoughts!