Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tribute to The Hunger Games

Well, Mockingjay Pt. 2 is coming up soon. For us Hunger Games fans, this fact is the foretaste of a barrage of feelings, largely consisting of an odd mixture of angst and excitement. As a tribute to this amazing series, I've compiled everything HG that I could find. Please step this way to enter the arena.

First, we're starting out with the fanart. I'm really, really sorry, but none of these are credited. If you know the artist or website these came from, please drop a line and tell us.

I love this piece of work. It perfectly portrays Katniss' spirit and the feeling in it is amazing. 

This piece broke my heart. It's so sweet and perfect! I can almost hear her singing. 

This one also hurt me badly. It's so realistic--her hair is disheveled and half-down, her face is bruised and scabbed, she's dirty, and she looks like she's about to cry. The real Katniss, the still-sixteen and scared-of-dying and worried-about-what-will-happen-to-the-people-she'll-leave-behind Katniss, is shining through and showing us what it must have been like.

This picture of Cressida is perfectly done and so detailed. As a pencil artist, this makes me want to bash my head against a rock in light of my inadequacy.

This brought a certain mistiness to my eyes. Such a beautiful tribute to my favorite tribute.

I love the moodiness and delicacy in this piece. The vivid colors give such a feeling of depth and emotion.

Again, the vividness of this painting brings out an emotion that transfers to the seer. The peace and casualty of the setting just makes me want to hug someone. (Why couldn't they have had this?!) 

And now I move on from fanart to the abundant tumblr posts and memes: 


Somehow I find myself agreeing with this fan theory. 

Which leads me to make the movement: all famous people are from the Capitol. Period. 


Whoops. Encouragement fail. 

*I set fiyaaahhhh to the breeeeaaaadd...* 

Seriously guys, this could be a wildly popular T.V. sitcom. I don't watch T.V., but I would pay for it just to watch this. We should get up a petition. 

Hipsta Cinna ain't takin' none of your arguments. 

This is what we all wish for. 

And finally...

Who else is ultra-pumped for Mockingjay Pt. 2? Comment and let us know your thoughts. 


{Dance Out The Feels does not claim ownership to any of the fanart, fan theories, tumblr threads or any other content shown in a photo in this post.}