Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October's Fanfics

Good evening all! Tonight I offer you ten fanfictions for October! Are you excited?

The top fic of this month is Death Came Knocking, by Ryne42. This Star Trek: TOS fic is a beautiful character study of Capt. Kirk; one that I found deeply moving. I have the opposite problem as him, so I found it interesting to see his perspective.

Next is He Regrets by AnnaLiseCompass. Yes, our Anna. This Star Wars oneshot is poignant and angsty in a way that few people can achieve. Anna, I am proud of you.

Third, i will no other to follow me where i'm going by midnightluck. This month I seem to have a thing with suicidal stories. This one made me ache inside. Can someone please turn off my Merlin feels?

Fourthly, Long Term Memory by ArtChica. Another painful Merlin one. I love stories that reflect on his growing old and losing so many people.

Fifth is Of Dances and Confusion by Benny The Crazed Cartoonist. This Chronicles of Narnia oneshot made me want to bring Tumnus back. Why'd he have to die?

Annnd next, A Chronicle of Lies by whitelilly0989. This is really long for a oneshot, but it's good. A study of Peeta's feelings and motives towards Katniss throughout The Hunger Games. 

Seventh is Analyzing the Enemy by BonesDon'tMelt. I actually laughed out loud on this one, because watching The Princess Bride I had these same thoughts. Die, Vizzini, and wonder why nobody's panicking.

Up for eighth is Inigo Montoya's Vengeance by Darth Kieduss the Wise. Angsty Inigo feels taking place before and during The Princess Bride. I wish I had no feelings.

Ninth'll be The Powers That Be by wolfpawn. This Avengers AU isn't finished yet, but it's being updated and it's pretty good for an AU. Loki is back, and under house arrest in Stark Tower...you'll see about the rest. Muwahahahhaha.

And last but not least *cue drum roll*, How Pippin Took Over The World by Pip the Dark Lord of All. This...this. It's crack, it's crazy, it is the most hilarious thing I have ever witnessed. Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit meet Star Wars, and Pippin is the Dark Lord of all Mushrooms. You will die of pure unadulterated joy.

Since that makes ten, I have to stop for now, but I hope you enjoyed my picks! Tune in again soon, and don't forget to do all sorts of crazy fandom stuff in public.

Novaer, Erin.

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