Monday, November 16, 2015

Fanfics of November

Hello fanpeople, and happy November! I hope your lives are going well.
Today, I, Anna am writing to bring you a collection of fanfiction, namely, oneshots and poems. I hope that you enjoy this short compilation.

1. To start our list on a humorous note, I bring a oneshot by DancingInTheRain34, called Blue Cheese. It features Bilbo, some dwarves, and food.

2. Constellations by Nietzsche's Itch
[This is a collection of oneshots, but I linked the first one.]
A lovely oneshot from Jobal Naberrie's POV. (That's Padme Amidala's mother for those of you who are unaware.) This character is often forgotten, and it's refreshing to have some deviation from the normal set of characters.

3. Loved Forever by whiteroses12
A short, but sentimental Phantom of the Opera oneshot.

4. Tris by Erin Hanson.
I haven't read Divergent, but I love this poem. This poet has a way of making words stand out.
5. Avatar: A New Beginning by Albus Paulson.
This Avatar oneshot reminds us of little Aang, reflecting on his youth and innocence.

6. Hunger Games Poems by Sesp24
A short collection of free verse poetry, based on the Hunger Games.
WARNING: May contain spoilers, so if you haven't read the books, don't read these poems.

7. A Poem By Merlin by Phoenix Fairie
Another free verse poem, dramatic and wonderfully descriptive.

I hope you enjoyed this set! Let me know in the comments below.

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